Student leadership training

What it’s all about

The Catholic Student Leadership Summit is a weekend summit aimed at helping you to become the best leader that you can be. This includes practical input on how to function as a committee, how to grow your Catholic Society and how to truly be guided by God in decision making.

The summit is also a great way for you to grow in fellowship with other Catholic student leaders from around the country and to connect with our network of past alumni and leaders in the Church.


The training is primarily for Catholic Society chairs/presidents, and one other committee member. We hope that you will be able to pass the training that you receive from the weekend onto the rest of your committee when you return.

How can I register?

Each Catholic Society has two places at the summit, but spaces are limited and are given on a first come first serve basis.

By becoming a member of the Catholic Student Network you can be the first to hear about and access tickets for our events.