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 Leadership Summit (CSLS)

CSN ran a survey this last year in which hundreds of Catholic Students have participated. Their big ask of CSN - do events. So, we're starting small with Catholic leaders and on 3rd-5th September Catholic Student Network in partnership with Catholic Voices, will be holding our first Catholic Student Leadership Summit (CSLS). It will be at SPEC retreat Centre in Westminster Diocese.


We recognise that this year has been tough for Catholic Communities. It is hard to make meaningful friendships online and at University our communities have been hit especially hard. We want to give Catholic Student Leaders the training and community to re-build and help create that thriving Catholic Community with their Chaplaincies! 




CSN has partnered with Catholic Voices, who train the laity for public appearances on media such as news, television, and broadcasts as well as public speaking appointments. The weekend will cover topic such as :

• Leadership training: How to lead a diverse community of Catholics.

• Post-Pandemic Catholic Community: How do we navigate the transition back to some normality?

• Survey Results: Some of the key ingredients and obstacles for a flourishing Catholic Community in Higher Education.

What will CSLS be?

 If you are a Student Leader passionate about growing your skillset, organising a plan for post-pandemic Catholic university life, and connecting with Catholic Student Leaders then this is the event for you!