What is the Catholic Student Network?

The Catholic Student Network exist to connect, equip and empower Catholic university students across England and Wales so that they can build flourishing Catholic communities where they are and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. We became an official charity in 2021, however, we have been running events and online campaigns since 2017.

Who runs the Catholic Student Network?

Each year, a team of Project Officers are appointed who run our events, campaigns and blogs throughout the year, with the guidance of our trustees. You can meet the team for 2021-2022 below and, if you’re a student, why not apply to join our team for 2022-2023?

Why is the Catholic Student Network important if universities already have chaplains and Catholic Societies?

Chaplains do a brilliant job of pastorally supporting and ministering the sacraments to Catholic communities in higher education, leading many Catholic students towards a deeper personal relationship with Christ. Our university Chaplains truly are invaluable to the students of England and Wales.

As the Catholic Student Network, we do not aim to do (and could not do) what they do in service of students. Instead of providing pastoral support or leading a community, we aim to connect, equip and empower student leaders so that they can help their local Catholic student community to flourish.

We felt called to this work because of our experience at university, becoming elected or helping at Catholic Societies and thinking ‘where do we start?’ Because of the high turnover of students, incoming student leaders can feel at a loss, not knowing how to best help their local Catholic student community to truly become a spiritually fruitful place.

This is why we want to connect them to other student leaders, equip them with great tools for campus ministry and empower them with practical insights and leadership opportunities. 

This support is also something that Catholic students themselves have told us that they need. Through our recent survey, we asked what support Catholic student committees received in Higher Education and found that 70% of respondents said that there could be more support offered, 15% said that there was minimal support and 10% said that there was none.

We feel called to meet this need and to offer this support.

I am an elected member of a Catholic Society Committee, how can I get my community involved with the Catholic Student Network?

That’s great! If you want to get involved in our mission please feel free to contact us directly - we would love to hear from you.

We would also love to meet you in person through our events, either at our Catholic Student Leadership Summit or our Catholic Student Conference.

Get connected with other Catholic Student committee members and student leaders from across England and Wales by emailing our student leadership co-ordinator.

If you want a committed way to get involved, you can become a member. Members receive our monthly email newsletter, are the first to have access to tickets for our events and have regular access to great new content.

If you want to join our team, why not apply to become a Project Officer? You can apply to join next years team now.

I am a Catholic Student, how can I get involved?

First of all, get involved with your local student community. You can find your local Catholic student community on our map, where you will have the opportunity to meet other students and check out the events run by the society and chaplaincy teams at your university. You can also become a member of the Catholic Student Network to be the first to access tickets for our events and great new content. Head over to our Connect page to do this.

If you want to get more involved in our mission in a committed way, there are several ways to volunteer your gifts and service! Get in touch with the team:

- Get involved in our blog by contacting our Blog Editor.
- Contribute to our national student led campaigns by contacting our Campaigns Co-ordinator.
- Join our events team by contacting our Events Co-ordinator.

If you want to join our team, why not apply to become a Project Officer? Applications open in April, but you can register your interest now.

Join the team

If you want to join our team, why not apply to become a Project Officer? You can apply to join next years team now.