Make the most of Lent and Advent by getting involved with our campaigns, by students, for students

‘So, what are you doing for Lent?’

In 2017, we wanted to find a way to create conversation about Lent on UK campuses as we realised that Lent was something that a lot of our non-Catholic friends at uni were also interested in doing. The question ‘what are you doing for Lent?’ was starting some great conversations about faith in a very casual way. This led us to the idea of a social media campaign full of reflections, prayer and art from students living their faith at uni. We called it ‘UniLent’. 

These daily posts were written by students from universities all over the UK, creating a dynamic and creative space, for students, by students. After the success of ‘UniLent’, ‘UniAdvent’ soon followed. Four years on, these campaigns have connected hundreds of Catholic students nationwide. 

‘Reading these student stories each day has made me feel part of the larger community of catholic students in the UK.’ Marco, University of Sunderland

Get involved

It takes a lot of content to fill the 40 days of Lent or the 25 of Advent. If you would like to contribute your writing or art to our campaigns then we would love to hear from you!

'Getting involved with UniLent and UniAdvent has enabled me to share something of my own faith, even something small like a specific prayer or daily activity that has helped me.’ Alice, Birmingham City University