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UniLent 2021

UniLent has come to an end, and we are now rejoicing in our Lord's resurrection! Over the duration of this campain, we connected universities nationwide and saw Catholic students from more than 30 UK universities encouraging each other and sharing their experience of Lent.

The section below features all the highlights from the Campaign. Remember you can to follow us on social media by clicking the icons below.

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Click here to see Chester CathSoc's UniLent Video

Click here to read Uzoma's Gospel Reflection on the Temptation of Christ.

Read the University of Hull's article

Aquinas on Fasting

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Read K. Richard's article,
Forty Days & Forty Nights

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Read CSN's Gospel Reflection on

The Transfiguration

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A Cheatsheat to Fasting

(Nikita S.)

Click here to read


Read CathSoc Aber's reflection on Prayer

Read York CathSoc's reflection on

The Value of Suffering

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Click here to read Prabhu's

short reflection on fasting

Liverpool CathSoc's acrostic, by Caitlin and Dominic

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Read Bristol Cathsoc's article on The Divine Mercy of Jesus

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Click here to read Edward's blog

on praying the Rosary.

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Read F. Emmanuel Joseph's Gospel reflection on Christ's Cleansing of the Temple (click here).

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Click here to read Helouise's poem 'Almsgiving for Students'

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Click here to read Nisha Thanikachalam's Sunday Gospel Reflection (14.3.2021)


Click here to read Ben Plimmer's article on Almsgiving During a Pandemic

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Read Anthony's reflection on COMPASSION

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Click here to read Charlotte's article on the Sacrament of Confession

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Read David Kemp's article on the Season of Lent

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Read Charlotte's reflection on Palm Sunday (click here).

Watch Toby's reflection on Good Friday (click here).

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Read Callum's reflection on the Sacrament of Confession (click here).

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Click here to read Royal Holloway's reflection on the Examination of Conscience.

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Read the University of Hull's article Fasting During Lent

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