UniLent is here! Join us as we connect universities nationwide in our social media campaign, which will see Catholic students from more than 30 UK universities encouraging each other and sharing their experience of Lent.

A whole 7 weeks long, Lent can be daunting to cradle-Catholics and converts alike; we are here to show you that together, as a Catholic Student Network, we can not only run this race to its finish (2 Timothy 4:7) but we will grow together, as a national Catholic student family. Lent is an opportunity like no other to drop everything and follow him whom our hearts desire. "For you have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You," (St Augustine of Hippo). 


Whether you are giving something up for Lent, or taking on a new challenge, join us on Instagram and Facebook as we journey together into the desert with Christ, in order grow in love and zeal for Him.

The section below will feature regular highlights from the Campaign. If you are giving up social media for Lent, then you can still keep up with the action (guilt-free) by checking up on this page!

Highlights from #UniLent

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