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Coming up to Lent 2017, the committee of the University of Birmingham Catholic Society started to think about how they could create more of a conversation about Lent on campus. Soon enough, the idea of a social media campaign came to mind, and it wasn't long until the name 'UniLent' arrived.

Quickly, this idea went beyond one campus and students called in friends at unis all over the country to create 40 days of content from students, from prayer and reflections to interviews and art.

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student art

Built around the three pillars of Hebrew fasting; almsgiving, fasting and prayer, the expression of these aims was varied.

A group of student artists became a real core to the project, creating beautiful pieces of original art for the reflections of students from the other side of the country.

'In order to communicate the message entrusted to her by Christ, the Church needs art.'  St. Pope John Paul II

adventure stories

It wasn't long after 'UniLent' had finished that we began to think about 'UniAdvent', and the potential that was there to once again bring up the conversation of the Church's season with friends at uni.

An exciting new element introduced to this campaign was a few short film interviews. We asked a filmmaker friend of ours to help us out and they were more than happy to. You can see the trailer for these interviews below, the rest are in the 'UniAdvent' exhibition.

get involved

As with all our projects, we want these campaigns to continue to develop and grow and for students with new ideas to become a part of it. If you would like to be involved in these campaigns in any way, big or small, just get in touch.

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