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What is it about stories? Why are they so easy to listen to? Why are lectures so... not... sometimes... ?

We haven't got answer for those, but stories have been big in the Christian community since the early days. From Jesus telling parables to the testimony of early Christians, true testimonies shared have always been a powerful way of introducing people to the Christian faith. As Peter writes, we should 'Always have your answer ready for people who ask you the reason for the hope that you all have.' 1 Peter 3:15

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O Happy Fault: The Beauty of Reconciliation

As Catholics, we are privileged we can go to any Catholic priest seeking the peace of being forgiven, simply confessing our sins honestly. This is a reality for us as Catholics because of the authority of the priest given directly through Christ. It is the sacrament of mercy that was instituted because Our Lord’s death and resurrection reconciled the world to himself, and despite our offences, he offers pardon and peace. Adam’s first sin in the book of Genesis is superseded by Jesus Christ who by revealing the Father’s perfect love for us allows us, in the words of St Pius X, to “receive graces to overcome our sins.” Not only are we forgiven through Christ’s act of charity for us, but he als

Why Have a Goal?

2 Timothy 2:5 - Similarly, anyone who competes as an athlete does not receive the victor's crown except by competing according to the rules. Is sport or other competition compatible with Christian life? Surely, you may reason, sport prompts a sense of competition, of me not only trying to be personally better that others but also to be publicly seen as better? So isn't being competitive in public contrary to Christian humility? Maybe, though, a perspective of “fulfilment through teamwork” is insightful here. Part of the bigger picture then includes collaboration and communication to the extent that the success of the game involves true dependence on the team spirit and dynamic. Each individu

2020 Vision: Believing in God’s Perfect Sight

“You ask how I dare question your wisdom when I am so very ignorant. I talked about things I did not understand, about marvels too great for me to know.” Job 42:3 I’m moderately short-sighted, and I still remember the feeling of getting my first pair of glasses when I was about twelve years old. I was amazed to see how clear the world appeared with my glasses on! I couldn’t believe that it was even possible to suddenly be able to see in such sharp focus, and I hadn’t thought that such clear vision even existed. Fast-forward several years, and I believe that I went through a similar experience, metaphorically, when I started to take my faith more seriously while at university. As I became

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