Your Catholic Types: Meet the people who make up a CathSoc

Let’s face it, the Catholic student world is a pretty diverse place - you can walk into a room and be met by a very eclectic group of young people. So who are the ‘types’ of Catholic and how can you make them feel comfortable or get them involved? Here’s a quick guide to the different types of Catholic Student, with a pinch of satire. Although we’ll be poking fun at every type of Catholic, we really do think each ‘type of Catholic’ brings something unique and valuable to the community and without them something key would be missing.

Charismatic Kieran

Charismatic Kieran can’t believe his luck when he meets another Catholic who knows who the Holy Spirit is! His tight jeans, funky glasses and scraggly beard shout Hipster. He will pull out an acoustic guitar at the drop of a hat and happily tell you about the most interesting talk he’s just listened to, his favourite bible verse, and oh wait he’s just asked if he can pray for you! Kieran is a great guy and once you get past his hipster Christian vibes and ‘rad’ language, you will adore having a deep conversation with him about almost anything. He’s a loyal friend and loves God.

Traditional Tiberius

Wearing his corduroy trousers and tweed jacket over his shirt, with crested tie pin and cufflinks of course, you can’t miss Tiberius. Tiberius goes shooting on the weekend, votes Conservative, and of course goes to TLM (Traditional Latin Mass for you non-Tiberius’.) His favourite topics are the history of Popes, the ins and outs of liturgy, and of course the dang liberals and communists infiltrating Mother Church. Tiberius, although he might come off a bit strong to start with, really loves Catholic truth and is very willing to share it with anyone he meets; ask him about the Holy Sacrifice of the mass and you will never see it in the same way again!

Already Married Maria

Maria is married at 21 and yes, at their marriage everyone is wondering if you can get an annulment on the grounds of youthful ignorance. Maria is quite holy, however, now married she does take a bit too much of an interest in your relationships, who knows perhaps she is living vicariously through you? Either way she has some gems of advice on the matter and is truly ‘on your side.’

International Irene

International Irene is a rare spot at a Catholic Society. Although Irene confuses everyone by saying the ‘Our Father’ in her own language she is a valuable member of the community. Irene is looking for a community to stick with because she hopes to make some close friends during her time abroad and will commit to the society if she gets the chance!

Anglican Andy

Anglican Andy is nearly always posh in some way shape or form, he has waxed hair, a lisp and is a little camp. Andy is genuinely torn between Anglicanism and Catholicism and so attends both events. Try talking to him about it and I promise you a fascinating conversation.

Evangelical Evan

Although not a Catholic, Evan is a guy you will come across in the Christian Union. He will invite you along to their events week and ask ‘Are Catholics saved?’ to which the appropriate responses are: ‘Do you know where the bible came from’ or ‘what are Protestants protesting exactly?’ Evan’s zealousness for sharing the Gospel does actually come from a great place and his love of God is kind of infectious, especially if you get the chance to pray with him. And after many long conversations, you never know, he might come along to Mass and even accept Catholics as Christians (or at least understand that we don’t worship Mary or commit idolatry with a wafer.)

Sunday Steve

Sunday Steve rocks up, goes to mass, and leaves after communion. Steve wants no messing around with talking after mass or even the final blessing. He has received Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and he’ll see you briefly next week; he might even nod to you as you pass him around uni.

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