The Divine Mercy of Jesus

Jesus continues to call us today, in this time of prayer, almsgiving and fasting of Lent, as we prepare for His coming. On the journey in the desert, we will face challenges and problems, as life throws at us unexpected misfortunes and discomforts. In these times of isolation and uncertainty it is easy to turn to hopelessness. But we are quickly shaken by God’s Word this week, to wake up and to not think this way. Scripture portrays Jesus as radiant and ’intensely white, as no one on earth could bleach them’ in His transfiguration on Mount Tabor. Jesus stands for us on the top of the mountain shining in the darkness, lighting up our hearts and warming them with his mercy and love. (Mark 9:2-10).

Jesus’ divine love is our healing in our brokenness, He is the hope in our despair. This painting you see on the left is the beautiful painting of the Divine Mercy of Jesus. This was the vision of Jesus that St Faustina saw in her room on the night of the 22nd February 1931 in Płock, Poland. Jesus stood in the darkness of her room in a white garment with his finger touching his merciful heart. From it, red and white rays cast out, representing the blood, which is the life of the soul and the water, which makes the soul righteous. Like on the Mount of Tabor, Jesus comes again to us as a light, His heart pouring out on to us. We must embrace this love that God gives with both hands. God’s love is eternal, it is constant and never ending. He calls us today, to turn to Him in the desert, for He is our salvation.

At the bottom of the painting, it says ‘Jesus, I trust in You’. God wants us to call out to Him in our times of weakness but also in our time of happiness. He wants us to call out ‘Jesus’, His name alone will bring us hope and light in our lives. Through the three pillars of Lent we learn to humble our hearts, to open them and allow God’s light to warm us. It is this connection, for we as Catholics strive for. Humanity cannot comprehend His overwhelming love, but we can experience His love in our everyday lives, especially through fasting and almsgiving. This is why Lent is so special as in this time we are reminded to concentrate on His empowering love for us.

In the painting Jesus only touches his heart with the tip of His finger and He illuminates the room with his presence. As with our problems, God can resolve them with the tip of His finger, but He calls for us to ‘trust’ Him, to pray to Him, to fast in our prayer and to live our lives by example of Jesus and through this there will be nothing else we will want. ‘Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful’, we are therefore ambassadors of Christ, we need to humble our hearts to connect with the Lord to fulfil our calling on earth. We must walk in His ways, flow His steps in the desert, remembering that He is always close by, the rays of his tender love, will never let us down as they will lead us to Him.

So, in our continued journeys with Christ, we must remember that the light that Jesus brings in our salvation. He proclaims this for the whole world to see, He will fight for you, as his love for you is so strong. For the cross represents His love for us, He connects with each and everyone of us with His divine mercy. All we must do is Trust.

“With the Lord there is mercy, and fullness of redemption” Psalm 130

~ Joanna Antoszkiewicz, University of Bristol

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