"Not Me, But God." - A Short Tribute to Blessed Carlo Acutis

“The Eucharist is the highway to heaven.”

The recent move towards the beatification of Carlo Acutis has been driving a desire as to understand what a young, modern-day Saint might look like, especially as the picture being used for his beatification is a picture that could just as likely be a Facebook profile picture of a friend, or an Instagram post of someone on holiday in Italy. The life of a modern-day Saint does not have to be remarkable from an outward perspective but remarkable inwardly, with the outgrowth of those talents being a logical next step. Using his inward understanding of the importance and relevance of the Eucharist, Carlo allowed that to inform the use of his computing talent to help friends and to create a website to share the Eucharistic miracles. (Click here to visit official site).

“All people are born as originals, but many die as photocopies.”

This leads us to reflect on the purpose of our student years in our pursuit of holiness; as pointed out in the quote above, the university lifestyle can encourage a repetition of, and an adherence to, cliches and stereotypes. The call to serve Christ can also be applied to the university context, raising the usual experiences of lectures and nightclubs to a higher purpose. In the same way, my understanding of this means living a life centered around prayer, contemplation, and holy Mass. When we understand our [core/internal] identity, then how we use our gifts and talents to bring glory to God becomes instinctive. As Carlo used his coding and programming skills to catalogue the Eucharistic miracles, so can other students used their acquired skills to bring glory to God in a similar way.

“Our goal must be infinite, not the finite. The infinite is our homeland. Heaven has been waiting for us forever.”

In this sense, the mission becomes clear, with the infinite being the places where Christ is most present, the indescribable sense of satisfaction that a drink with an old friend can bring or a joyous familial occasion. Another infinite place where Christ is found is in the silence of prayer and contemplation, which can be daunting due to the disturbance of interior thoughts when the external world becomes quiet. However, being in that space with God in the depth of our own humanity was the greatest joy for so many of our Saints, the place of infinite depth also becoming the place of greatest self-discovery.

“By standing before the Eucharistic Christ, we become holy.”

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