Alone Together: Cathsoc Edition

Abbey Road Social Distancing(Photo: Twitter user @BDStanley)

I have to say, it hit me quite hard suddenly leaving such a busy and vibrant community of Catholics, to come home and to isolate with my family. With something on nearly every day of the week, Cathsoc was (and will be again!) a huge part of not only my social life but my faith life too. Maybe you are in a similar position, and maybe you have even gone back to a home that doesn’t practice the faith at all, so I’m here today to give you a few ideas of how you might want to stay connected with your Cathsoc at this time!

Just a little note before I dive in... I have spoken to people who are feeling one of two ways. Either overwhelmed with the amount of things happening on social media, and those who are desperately looking for more to fill their time with! Hope to give you a mix of both on and off screen to meet all your Cathosoc quarantine needs.

1. Get to know Zoom

By now I am sure you have attended a couple of virtual events, perhaps a lecture or two. Well, the same goes for your Cathsoc events! Carry on your usual rosary, book club, video series, bible study with one another...just at home. This may also be a good chance to start something new with one another too. There are some amazing Catholic resources that have been made free to us whilst isolating - one in particular is, which has loads and loads of great bible studies, and faith formation videos that come with group study options.

2. Keep up the socials!

We need a whole dose of Jesus to get through this situation, but I think we also just need to have fun and a laugh too. The daily Boris walk doesn’t always hit the spot, but throw in a Cathsoc virtual bingo night or a bring your own cheese and wine Zoom call and your day will hopefully feel a little less sameish. Be creative, and be sure to have the fun events as well as the faith events! Please share your events with us too so we can share the joy!

3. Go old school

This goes along with just generally checking in with your friends to see how they are doing, but writing one another letters is a great way of keeping connected and growing in faith with one another. Paul says: ‘Encourage one another and build each other up’ (1 Thess 5:11). Send letters to one another with encouragement and your prayers for them, not only is it a nice surprise to receive a letter over a text, you have the opportunity to hold one another in prayer and support over what is a challenging time.

4. Make a space

You may be used to your weekly holy hour or Mass at your chaplaincy, and whilst we cannot be at these places to meet Jesus, we have the chance to make a physical and spiritual space to meet him at home. Find a corner of your room or home where you can light a candle, place a cross or a prayer card and go and meet the Lord there. He is so close to us at this time of struggle, whether we feel it or not, waiting for us to share our hearts with Him. Make the space in your room, but also your heart to come and hear what He has to say.

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