New Forms of Consecrated Life

New Forms of Consecrated Life are communities and movements that seek to serve the Church in new ways, some taking inspiration from monastic rules and adapting them to more ecclesiastical lifestyles, and some forming large communities who seek to evangelise and witness to the Church throughout society.

They can take the forms of New Ecclesial Communities (groups of individuals who gather together for a spiritual reason, primarily for worship and fellowship that does not always receive Sacraments), or Societies of Apostolic Life (groups of men and women within the Church who have come together for a specific purpose and live fraternally).

The video below, an advertisement for the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, gives a fantastic introduction to life as part of a community of a New Form of Consecrated Life.

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Some numbers...

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More than 800 new Ecclesiastical Communities were formed following the Second Vatican Council.

The first Community to be officially recognised by the Vatican as an Ecclesiastical Family of Consecrated Life was the Community of the Beatitudes, with 50 houses in 5 continents.

There New Ecclesiastical Communities in every part of the world, including 7 in the UK.

Communities in the UK

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