Married life

When we speak of vocation we often speak of the priesthood or religious life, but marriage is also a vocation, one that is an intimate communion of life and love. The Church names the Christian home the ‘Domestic Church’, the first place where children receive the proclamation of faith, and the school of human virtues. In effect, it is, the primary path to sanctity for parents and children alike and a beautiful vocation as well.


A beautiful example of the sanctity of this vocation is the marriage of the parents of St Therese of Lisieux, who were were canonized in October 2015. “The holy spouses Louis Martin and Marie-Azelie Guerin practiced Christian service in the family, creating day by day an environment of faith and love which nurtured the vocations of their daughters, among whom was Saint Therese of the Child Jesus.” They are the first-ever married couple with children to be canonized in the same ceremony, and are a testament to the value of married life in the Church.