The Big Questions

how do i

'find myself'?

It's a cliche but people talk a lot about how you 'find yourself' at uni, and it's not for no reason.

Your time at uni is a real experience of hearing new ideas and living independently and so it might be at uni that you discover a whole new way of living. 

Universities should be places where different ideas and philosophies can be discussed openly, and often these conversations take place just as often at house parties as they do in lecture halls. 

Well, the Church has no shortage of great thinkers from St Thomas Aquinas to C.S. Lewis, not to mention Jesus.

If you're curious about God's vision for your life, or who Jesus was, these short articles may just help you out.

Who is Jesus?

Of all historical figures, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of a carpenter, has arguably had the greatest impact upon the way in which we live today. His moral teachings are upheld by many, among non-Christians as well as Christians...

How does Jesus change anything for me?

Knowing the historical person of Jesus and the facts of his life is one thing, but how can someone from 2000 years ago change my life today? This is perhaps the critical question of the Christian faith in the twenty-first century...

How are we supposed to live?

It is important to know that Jesus didn’t come to give us rules or make us boring. He came so that we might have “life and have it to the full” (John 10:10). This is a life full of love and fulfilment. In his lifetime, Jesus did however offer his wisdom on so many areas of life...

What is the purpose of the Church?

The Church’s task is to make the Kingdom of God, which has already begun with Jesus, germinate and grow in all nations. Wherever Jesus went, heaven touched earth: the kingdom of God was inaugurated… The Church serves this kingdom of God...'

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Most Christians hold to the idea of a trinitarian God, a God made up of three distinct persons, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is common for Christians to know a lot about the Father and the Son but the Holy Spirit is also very important in the life of the Church...

Why are we supposed to trust the Bible?

You often hear Christians speak of the Bible as the word of God, the place in which he speaks. There’s a lot of theology, but why do we trust these sources? Are they just legends?

How do I Pray?

Pray seems to be a part of all major religions, it appears that every human heart that is spiritually seeking wants to communicate with its creator. This is fundamentally what prayer is, ’turning the heart towards God.’

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'A university educates the intellect to reason well in all matters, to reach out towards the truth, and to grasp it.'

 Blessed John Henry Newman

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