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How CSN Campaigns began 

Coming up to Lent 2017, the committee of the University of Birmingham Catholic Society started to think about how they could create more of a conversation about Lent on campus. Soon enough, the idea of a social media campaign came to mind, and it wasn't long until the name 'UniLent' arrived.

Quickly, this idea went beyond one campus and students called in friends at unis all over the country to create 40 days of content from students, from prayer and reflections to interviews and art.

Four years later, CSN Campaigns have connected hundreds of Catholic students nationwide. In fact, they were so successful that we have saved them on this page, as an exhibition of what you have helped CSN to achieve! As a nationwide family, we are building God's kingdom on earth, and the Campaigns are an amazing example of what we can achieve together. 

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Thanks for getting involved!

It's been so exciting seeing so many students connect through these Campaigns, and you have helped us to grow into a flourishing Catholic network, so THANK YOU

This year's Campaigns may have finished, but that does not mean that the fun stops there. Not only can you visit these Campaign pages again and again in this archive, but you can get involved with CSN's mission and join us on our journey of connecting and encouraging students across the country.

To stay up to date on what we get up to, simply follow us on Instagram @csnstudents and @csncampaigns, and check our our YouTube channel!

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